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We are organized for:
Guarding Services as laid down by the PSBD, Ministry of Interior and the Abu Dhabi Police
Security Consultancy Services
Security Audit and Investigations
Professional Training & Development
Risk Management & Loss Prevention
Event Management
Technical Assistance for Surveillance Systems
Assets Protection

We specialize in the following areas:
Providing professionally qualified security guards to oil & gas field companies
Providing trained male and female uniformed security personnel with relevant knowledge, qualifications and     experience in customer care and security duties
Providing trained security personnel for duties of receptionist, telephone operator, CCTV operator, BMS, access      control, alarm, traffic barrier, car parking attendant and office assistant
Providing manpower for event management security and mobile patrol service

We also offer our clients the following services:
Escort services in accordance with PSBD specifications approved by the Ministry of Interior / General Directorate of the Abu Dhabi Police.
Security checks
Training and professional development
Risk management and protection of losses
Management of activities and events such as cultural functions, celebrations, festivals, weddings &
     various song & dance events, presentations and competitions
Technical assistance for the control system
Protection of assets, personal property and materials in facilities
Control of safety procedures and the use of firefighting equipment and fire extinguishers
Preventive measures against theft in the facilities
Provide professionally qualified security guards for government institutions and private companies
Provide qualified male and female guards with specialized knowledge in the field of
custody and care of personsSecurity personnel are trained to undertake guard duty at the reception, take phone calls (PBX) and control closed-circuit television, alarm systems and BMS, access control and traffic barriers and parking lots. The company also undertakes security services for event management and mobile patrols.

Professional Activities
Star Security Services boasts a range of activities and programs for its customers. The company provides them with all possible solutions and developments in the fields of protection and security.

Some of the most important activities are:

Guarding the oil fields, onshore and offshore oil and warehouses
Protecting VIPs
Guarding hospitals and health centers
Guarding of factories and production facilities
Giving security cover to banks, government bodies and institutions
Covering special ceremonies and festivals
Protecting ships, vessels and ports
Guarding hotels and hotel apartments, private premises and other properties
Guarding malls and department stores
Covering universities, institutes and schools
Guarding airport facilities, accessories and sports stadiums
Protecting buildings and institutions which are under construction
Guarding embassies and diplomatic corps
Providing technical support and support for surveillance systems

Recruitment Requirements
Must be at least 5 cm on Aokdam and 7 inches
Structure of somatic strong
Good health
Ethics and values of high reliability

All security personnel are required to maintain a presentable appearance, high morals and good manners in addition to physical fitness so that they are ever ready to perform the tasks they are entrusted with.The company is interested to attract qualified personnel to join its team BURTON and has laid down the terms for selection and recruitment of staff so as to choose qualified staff. The selection process takes into account the fulfilment of all given conditions and criteria.

To join the company, a candidate undergoes:

Written Test
Personality Test
Personal Interview
Medical Examination by an Accredited Doctor

Qualifications of a Security Professional
Literacy and ability to write in Arabic and English. University degree holders are given preference.

Supervision & Operation Room
The company ensures certain mechanisms and devices that allow a certain ease and speed of communication between managers, staff and the security guards at all times. The control room is designed to respond immediately to any kind of routine or distress call. The overseers of business contracts carry out surprise inspections on the ground in the mornings and evenings. This is done regularly and under the supervision of supervisory mobile patrols and supervisors patrolling the field visit guard sites for verification of the guards. These supervisors are fully aware of all details and characteristics of the said site and establishment. The operations room works round the clock seven days a week, supervised by highly qualified personnel and equipped with the latest technologies and wireless communication devices and mobile phones in addition to car patrols.

Star Security Services provides basic training before the new recruits enter the actual work field. It has set up a dedicated Training Institute in the Khalidiyah area towards this end. The training institute is located in the building of the Commercial Bank of Dubai. A security guard is assigned client duty only after successfully passing the basic training and gaining full knowledge of the nature of duties and responsibilities. The guard also has to obtain a license in order to be able to work in the security profession as per the requirements of the General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police. The company’s team of trainers are all certified by the Department of Private Security Companies General Command of Abu Dhabi Police and they come from army or police backgrounds.

Star Security Services has a fair mix of nationalities in its workforce which includes people from Asian, African and Arab countries. This blend of nationalities meets the needs of multiple option traders with respect to communication and networking channels. All employees are provided with basic training and given information on the country as well as their own performance standards.

Some of the areas covered are:
Vision and company’s objectives and duties
Personal conduct
Public action
Etiquette regarding communication and conversation
Communication skills
Essential principles of security
Writing of reports
Preparation of documents
Delivery/Receipt of duty and task sheets
Preventive measures/countermeasures
Firefighting methodsThe company trains security guards in accordance with the program and requirements of the PSBD Rapporteurs of the General Command of the Abu Dhabi Police This program includes the following modules of PSBD which are covered in a very systematic manner by the training managers.
Module A – Introduction to Private Security
Module B – Legal Rights and Responsibilities
Module C – Patrol Duties and Responsibilities
Module D – Control Procedures
Module E – Fire Prevention, Detection & Safety

The training institute is well equipped for providing professional training.
The training includes:
Training in Arabic and English
Computer training
Basic equipment for the presentation of lessons and courses
A library which has a variety of books and video tapes
A modern Training Unit
The largest number of fleet vehicles for speedy transportation of security personnel
A great number of mobile supervisors working round the clock
Use of the latest state-of-the-art technologies such as the TETRA device

Star Security Services provides many services and facilities for its staff members. Uniforms are provided free of cost for security guards as well as for all escort personnel. Other perks include meals, housing, health insurance and insurance against accidents at work. The company is committed to honour all service regulations and labour laws applicable in the United Arab Emirates. It is the first company to adopt a policy of resettlement.
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